Treatment Of Hand Tremors

Treatment Of Hand Tremors Do you have shaky hands? Do they shake involuntarily, or is it another body part that trembles? You may have what is called essential tremor. You are not alone. There are about 10 million people in the United States who have hand tremors. The most common hand tremor is called essential tremor and is often confused with Parkinson’s disease. If you are concerned about tremors in your hands, you should consult a healthcare professional to determine the cause. There are several other types of tremors that you can read about here. If you have moderate symptoms, you …

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treatment of essential tremor

What Are The Causes Of Hand Tremors?

What Are The Causes Of Hand Tremors? The shaking in my hands began rather suddenly. Maybe you have noticed the tremors in your hands getting worse gradually. Perhaps you only saw it when angry or stressed. Or you may be asking yourself if some Illness or disease has caused this. No matter how severe the tremor, anyone who experiences them asks: Why do I have shaky hands? Tremors are much more common than you might expect, afflicting nearly 10 million people in the US alone! Shaky hands are usually not a life-threatening condition, but they do impact almost every part …

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What Causes Hand Tremors

The Different Types of Hand Tremors

The Different Types of Hand Tremors What are the different types or categories of hand tremor? We generally classify tremor by the way it appears and by its cause. I have listed 22 types of tremors in this post to form a glossary of sorts to help you define hand tremors in general terms. Overview of Tremor Most common Tremor occurs in the hands or head, it is involuntary and repetitive. Tremor can be the result of several health problems or it can be a problem all by itself. Action Tremor Action tremor happens as you try to move or …

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Types of Hand Tremors

What Is Essential Tremor?

What is Essential Tremor? Essential tremor especially tremors of the hands is the most common neurological movement disorder. It affects up to 10 million people in the United States. This nerve disorder is characterized by shaking, trembling or tremors, in different parts of the body and sometimes on different sides of the body.  The most common affected areas are: hands arms head voice tongue chin The lower body is rarely affected by essential tremors. Other Names for Hand Tremors Essential tremor has also been known as: Benign Essential Tremor, (a term that is now obsolete as the life changing condition …

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What is Essential Tremors
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